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Projects For Security and Privacy

We believe security and privacy are rights not something we should have to fight for. So we are currently working on projects to provide layers of security to protect the privacy of organisations and the wider community. Some of these projects are listed below.  

Arbitrator AML – Is a Peer to Peer Anti Money Laundering, Money Transfer, (KYC) Know your Customer, Multi-purpose platform based on traditional technologies, Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence.

We are in discussions with some of the largest financial institutions and regulators world wide to introduce our solution to introduce it into policy frameworks.

PrivGuard – Our Anti Facial Recognition solution is built for privacy.  This will defeat facial recognition for media. This product can be grown to include additional functions such as:

  • Advertisement Block
  • Track Block – Block Social Media Tracking via Facebook / Google etc.
  • Implement foolproof privacy using PGP, TOR etc.
  • Internet Policing for Govt and Law enforcement

SecZone – Is Anti-Hacking security for Smart Phones. This project will cover Android, Apple Devices, Windows-based devices and (IoT) Internet of Things devices.

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