SecureIX Data Officer

SecureIX Data Officer

We understand that not all organisations have the capacity to manage the resources required to comply with regulatory information security standards. Hiring and training inhouse resources is time consuming and costly. If not actioned correctly the costs of the repercussions can be more than just financial. This is why we have developed the SecureIX Data Privacy Officer service.

The SecureIX Privacy Officer service offering provides organizations a framework to comply with (OIAC) Office of the Australian Information Commissioner requirements for Notifiable Data Breaches.

This service offering comprises of legal, media and technology and Cyber Security Consulting services which provide you with a shield should your organization be effected.

When combined with SecureIX Vendor Neutral Cyber Security Services it provides a great combination to reduce an organizations Cyber Security and Risk profile.

Organisations utilising SecureIX’s Data Privacy Officer service offering can pass on the burden of complying with regulatory information security standards at a fraction of the cost.

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