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SecureIX Technologies utilises experience developed across two decades in Remote Access, Mobility and Digital Workplace area to assist you in implementing technologies with the right sizing and utilising technologies which will cater for growth with the minimal initial investment. In the vendor-driven landscape typically a reseller engages and works with the vendor to push technologies even when they are not needed. We at SecureIX want to change this approach by ensuring investment in the right space with maximum return for the client engaging us.

Service offerings in this space include:

  • Executive and Board Advisory Services
  • Design and Architecture Services for (VMware and Citrix Technologies)
  • Cloud Applications
  • Architecture
  • Security
  • Resiliency
  • Disaster Recovery
  • DDS (Data Driven Security) Methodology

(ADC/ADN) Application Delivery Controller and Application Delivery Network Services
An application delivery controller is the centrepiece where all communications from a network are managed and forwarded to backend servers. In simple words, it the core of your network, application security and Defence strategy. We at SecureIX have assisted customer’s from defeating Massive Distributed Denial of Service attacks to designing and deploying solutions which have stood the test of time.

We can assist customers rescue projects which have stalled or advise on the right approach for a Secure Application Delivery strategy. We provide Quality Assurance services which can benefit customers by ensuring third party audit of vendors deployment. As per SecureIX Founder Vendors Consulting organisations in the market space are Sub-Contracting driven and experienced resources are scarce, which results in poor quality.

Due to Sales quota and sales pressure, any resource is utilised which does impact deliverables.

“You do not want to use a Plumber to do Electrician job”. Most issues occur in major deployments due to this approach.

The following services are offered this segment:
  • Design and Architecture
  • Migration Services
    • F5 to Citrix NetScaler
    • NetScaler to F5
    • Other technologies Alteon to NetScaler or F5
Health Check and Upgrade Services (F5 and Citrix NetScaler)
  • Platform (Hardware or Software Update)
  • System and Security Health Check
  • QA Services
  • NetScaler to F5
  • Other technologies Alteon to NetScaler or F5

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