APRA Compliance

Compliance For APRA Regulated Entities

We assist APRA regulated entities to understand their obligations for CPS-232 and CPS-234 Prudential Standards as mandated by APRA. 

Prudential CPS-232 Business Continuity Management
Prudential CPS-234 Information Security

We thoroughly analyse all required elements of the organisational structure and systems, to ensure all compliance gaps are identified. Once complete, a compliance report is provided with recommendations addressing Cyber Security, Risk Management and [BCM] Business Continuity Management requirements as mandated under APRA Prudential CPS-232 Business Continuity Management and Prudential CPS-234 Information Security standards.

A key objective is to minimise the likelihood and impact of information security incidents which impact data confidentiality, integrity or availability of information assets. This includes information assets managed by related third parties service providers such as public cloud infrastructure, application and cloud services providers.

APRA CPS-232 & CPS-234 Technology Stack

This technology stack consists of design & implementation of solutions which ensure compliance. Existing investments in technology are reused to minimise (CoC) Cost of Compliance.

*SecureIX Technologies is not affiliated with APRA.

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