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When you engage SecureIX, you engage with a brand that provides organisations with tested and proven Cyber Security and Business Consulting Services. Our straightforward approach enables us to provide the most cost effective and reliable Cyber Security services in the market.

SecureIX Vendor Neutral Cyber Security Consulting and Advisory services provides the best outcome for the client as it is not influenced by any vendor partnerships.

The current landscape requires that end-user organisations engage service providers who are also resellers of vendor solutions, who in return receive incentives to push product sales.

As we operate as a Vendor Neutral Cyber Security practice our first and only loyalty is to our clients. We ensure our customers previous investments in technology are fully used for the best possible result while minimising costs.


To change the Cyber Security status quo for the better.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” – Albert Einstein

Terence Dean

Lead Architect - Director

Terence Dean is the Founder and Lead Architect of SecureIX Technologies. He has more than 22 years of international experience in systems, networking, database and Cyber Security. Terence has designed and implemented large scale solutions for various customers ranging from 5,000 users to 50 million users.

He has successfully delivered over 100+ projects ranging from major financial institutions, Defence, Telecommunications, Government Departments and Universities worldwide.

From his extensive experience, genuine, upfront and honest approach Terence understands that the best Cyber Security results need a vendor neutral approach which are implemented in clients’ best interests.

Due to his vast experience he understands that a one size fits all approach does not deliver a comprehensive Cyber Security result. As such, he has founded SecureIX Technologies as a Vendor Neutral Cyber Security Consultancy services provider.



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End-to-end Vendor Neutral Cyber Security and Consultancy Services. Cyber Security advise provided in the clients’ best interests.


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