Vendor Neutral Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Cyber Security solutions implemented in the clients’ best interests.

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SecureIX Technologies

SecureIX Technologies is a vendor neutral end-to-end cyber security practice. We provide trusted and proven cyber security consultancy services which deliver the best outcome for the client. SecureIX provides services without any established vendor incentives or partnerships. 


What We Do

End-to-end Vendor Neutral Cyber Security and Consultancy Services.


SecureIX Data Officer

SecureIX Data Officer is a comphrensive service offering which provides a legal, technical, media and compliance shield for organisations.


Vendor Neutral Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security solutions geared towards the best interest of the end user organisation. SecureIX does not receive sales incentives or commissions from vendors.


APRA Compliance Services

Consultancy services to ensure (APRA) Compliance.
  • Prudential CPS-232 Business Continuity Management
  • Prudential CPS-234 Information Security

Secureix Technologies

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